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Balloon Garland & Balloon Paper Spiral DIY by Julie Schumacher

We got DIY-decor happy at our Summer Salon at Greenhouse Loft. With two easy balloon crafts, you could even say we got loft-y with our decor. Oh, sorry guys. I couldn't stop myself.We often have flowers take center stage, especially in summer, but wanted a change for our game-changing do-gooder participants. For the tables we talked ferns and flat greenery. To add some height and color sans bloom, we went all-in on balloons. 

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Lavender Honey Almond Cake by Julie Schumacher

Finding a dessert that doesn't need modification for food sensitivities or allergies can be a challenge when I have my heart set on some dairy-dense, gluten-full creation. Scratch that. There are tons of modifications and alternative recipes out there. It can be a thing, though, to have stores of a wide variety of flours and specialty ingredients. I have them now, usually, and it's totally worth it, of course, but it's great when a single dish tics all the boxes at the start.

This almond cake? Made with lavender honey? And served with creme fraiche, even more honey and oodles of plump blackberries? Check. Check. Checkity check. It's also free of refined sugar (thanks, honey).

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Spring Baking Ideas: Floral Treats by Julie Schumacher

Spring in Chicago is something that could definitely exist only in quotes. "Spring." It can be 90 degrees one day and 50 the next. It will probably snow sometime in late March. Maybe even April. Baking seasonally can be tricky. There might be rhubarb. There might be, well, more rhubarb. This year I was motivated not by what was at the not-yet-open Farmers' Market but instead by the promise of Spring. Our salon was all about loving your now while planning your next so it seemed reasonable enough to Think Spring even if I was wearing a puffy coat at the grocery store.

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Truffles for Everyone! by Julie Schumacher

Truffles anytime of year seem like a great idea. They pack such a decadent punch in a tiny package. Since one of our goals is to make every guest feel welcome and wanted, we aim to have both savories and sweets that can accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences. For a long while I struggled with dairy free or vegan or gluten free desserts---what was a dessert if not laden with cream and butter and flour? I'm not the first to write of the incredible options for people looking to bake without those things. No longer relegated to specialty food stores, alternative flours, coconut and rice and almond milks, all kinds of natural options abound to tag in for a dessert anyone can enjoy.

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4xForth: Michelle Marchisotta of Firehouse Chicago by Clare Johnson

It's our first 4xForth Friday of 2015 and today, we're talking to Michelle Marchisotta of Firehouse Chicago. You may remember Michelle from our Summer Salon Venue Spotlight. Michelle, the Venue Manager at Firehouse Chicago, joined Forth at the Summer Salon in 2014 and has been an sparkling light in the community ever since. She even opened her doors to us for our festive Winter Party last month; what a woman!

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Forth Chicago is looking for a 2015 intern! by Natalie Pavela


It's that time of year...Forth is looking for a 2015 intern! Come be a part of the supportive community of bright Chicago women that we're building. Read below for details.

If you're interested, don't delay! We'll be reviewing applications over the coming week, interviewing at the end of the month, and hope to select our new gal in time to start contributing to the team this September.


Forth Chicago Social Media & Event Planning Intern


Unpaid. If you are in college, we will work with you and your college for college credit if applicable.


Part-Time (+/-10 hours a week) starting in September 2014. We are looking for a 15 month commitment starting in September: train with our current intern Natalie for the remainder of the year, then take the reigns on your own starting in January. You'll also have the opportunity to train the 2016 intern the following September. You will be able to work remotely but would be expected at the four seasonal salons and planning meetings.

Who We Are

Forth Chicago is a quarterly salon than brings together Chicago's creative women entrepreneurs. We host four seasonal events each year with a curated guest list ranging from hands-on craftswomen to designers of all kinds, tech-savvy disruptors and hand illustrators, writer, producers, photographers, connectors, stylists, artists, and more We style each event both visually and with food and drink, at a new venue every quarter. We also create a theme to inspire the salon's flow. Our goal is not networking, its authentic conversation and connection, creating space and time for bright ideas. Talk is honest, open, real, and often very, very funny. We also maintain a blog that features posts from the founders (recipes, event styling, reflections, etc) as well as guest posts from participants. The founders of Forth are brand designer and strategist, Lisa Guillot of Step Brightly, copywriter Julie Schumacher of Well Turned Words, and photographer Kelly Allison of Kelly Allison Photography. Collectively we are all excited to share the wisdom we've gained from our years working as independent (and not-so-independent) creatives with you.


- event planning and scheduling - vendor planning and scheduling - day of event responsibilities - demonstrated ability to take projects from conceptualization through completion - social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest - strong writing for social media (blog, Twitter, Facebook) as well as more formal business communication writing skills - updating the Forth website and blog (images and copy) in WordPress - if you have Adobe photoshop skills that is a plus


We are looking for interns who embody Forth's spirit: strong, witty, smart and all about building a community of creative women. Candidates must have their own computer and software. You must have access to the internet, e-mail, and phone calls during your working hours. You must be available to attend our events, as well as help set-up and tear-down.

To Apply

Please email julie@wellturnedwords.com a brief cover letter introducing yourself, why you want to work with Forth Chicago, and if you'd be able to start this September and will be in Chicago to fulfill the 15 months commitment, running through December 2015. Include your resume, a link to any online portfolios or attach a PDF portfolio if available.