Black Mission Fig Clafoutis by Julie Schumacher

Say it with me now: clafoutis. *clah-FOU-tee* I would shout it out it in the days leading up to making it in a super sing-song-y voice. Its origins are in a verb meaning "to fill" and fill I did.

My mom had made clafoutis but they'd always featured pears. This Food & Wine recipe locks in on the brief window (at least here in Chicago) Black Mission figs are fine and paired them with a port syrup (yes) and a port-infused whipped cream (yes, yes). 

It was also something I could, for the most part, prep in the Vitamix. I'm telling you, this dish is about stunning people without breaking a sweat. It's watching eggs whip themselves, letting it sit, then pouring it in. Yes, you pay attention while it's cooking but by far the most arduous part of the process was slicing and selecting which figs made the cut.

After working with Kelly Allison and Kelly Connolly I've come to think as much about how I'm presenting as what I'm presenting. We've got a giant cast iron skillet and I loved the rustic heft it would present as a boundary, since all our sweets had borders and boundaries. 

I realized after letting the first batch sit for 30 as prescribed it was going to barely make a dent in that huge skillet. I poured it in, repeated the steps and doubled the recipe. It was one of those great moments having succumbed to the desire to purchase extra figs paid off. 

Even the syrup and whipped cream were a breeze and leave just enough port behind (even with doubling the recipe!) for you to toast your own success. Cheers!