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Cozy up and have some Cauliflower and Hazelnut Soup with Fried Sage by Katie Kenney

"I am a sucker for fried sage in any application. And when it comes to hazelnuts, I can’t seem to get enough. When I saw this recipe for a winter-y soup that included both, I knew it would likely be the most amazing thing ever. So I had to try it. And it didn’t disappoint. The flavor combination is superb, refined, comforting, complex, and just down right delicious." -Forth co-founder, Kelly Allison

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Bright Hostess Gift Idea: 5 Spice Sugar by Julie Schumacher

20141211_forth-95So, you've got 14 holiday parties and are plum out of ideas on hostess gifts? Need a stash of last minute trinkets and tokens for folks who stop by? We have a bright idea for you. Think cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, ginger and nutmeg...a chai-ish delight.

This is an easy peasy five-spice sugar blend. You probably have all the ingredients on hand from cookie baking and if not, grab some new spices and you're setting yourself up for culinary fun in the New Year.

This stuff. It's so, so good. Subtle yet just a dash will do ya. It smells divine and even my 3 year old, who hates every food known to man, asks for my "magic spice sugar" on her oatmeal.

Put it in a pretty jar or container and, bam, you're done. Add a note to add it to oatmeal, french toast, cinnamon rolls, tea, coffee, applesauce or to rim cocktail glasses. Or...just horde it for yourself and a quiet moment alone.

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