NYE Done Right: Champagne Marshmallows by Julie Schumacher

Marshmallows have long been the sorcery of the dessert world to me. Like, how the HECK do people make them happen?Champagne Marshmallows

And then. I found this recipe from Brave Tart for champagne marshmallows.

Champagne. Marshmallows. I figured failure was worth the effort.

I alerted Lisa to a potential menu printing change. The great thing about 'mallows is that their shelf life makes an audible easier. If I could make it happen, they keep well for days (though if you want them for New Year's Eve start them in advance as they need a day to firm up). If they worked, bang up awesome. And if they didn't, we had enough sweet awesome to make a run for it. Forth Winter Salon at FirehouseBut. They worked! Marshmallows are more science than sorcery. If you have a candy thermometer and patience you'll be all set. Really, truly. Marshmallows require checking and exhaling, not magic.

The process for these guys takes a significant amount of champagne, especially if you sip whilst you stir.

Making them? Borderline pleasant. Super fun. Pulling the giant 9x13 marshmallow out, I expected to be arduous and frustrating. Instead it was easily one of the most satisfying feelings eva.

Cutting and storing was also easy and involved sucking air out of a ziplock filled with powdered sugar and champagne. About as close to partying in the 80s as I'll ever get.

I'll admit I was scared I'd declare success and then have them be super gross day of. Au contraire. My tip? Even if you packed them in powdered sugar, bring extra and douse them before you serve.

20141211_forth-50My super big bonus tip: buy extra champagne. For before, during and after. Expect success and enjoy.

Happiest of New Years from all of us at Forth.