Unusual Pairings: Gluten Free Spring Sweets by Julie Schumacher

Our Spring salon's overarching theme of women working together made me want to think about the way foods and flavors work in unusual ways. There are lots of things that always go delightfully together but it's the magic of the unexpected that we wanted to explore. And, we wanted to do it so that all our guests could enjoy. Here are three Gluten Free treats well worth making even if you live a gluten full life.


Saffron Donuts with Rosewater Glaze I can't tell you exactly how I found Spa Bettie...a feverish night on food pairing sites perhaps. But oh boy. This is what we're talking about when we're talking about unusual. The color and flavor?! The rosewater balances the earthiness of the saffron. And, it was an awesome experiment in glaze making. My first round of glaze was too watery and ran off/was absorbed quickly by the donuts so a second and third layer were added.


Get the recipe from Spa Bettie (gluten free, dairy free, vegan, makes 6 donuts)


Candied Orange Peels with White Chocolate This came from a blog called Veggies and Gin. Can we not all agree that is the BEST blog name? Rather than dip the orange peels in bittersweet chocolate, I opted for white chocolate. It felt like it had a more Spring-y vibe that way. Recipes like this, which are more about rote execution than mastery of a weird technique, are great when you want to bulk up a menu without losing your mind. Boiling, simple syrups, dipping in chocolate? I can handle that.


Recipe from Veggies and Gin *Check out her recipe. She's got great tips on adapting it using other citrus fruits.


Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies As I was standing in Whole Foods the day before the event, I'll admit I had a competitive moment with Kelly, who I knew could and would whip up many savory dishes that rocked. And I wanted another chocolate dish. So while in the produce section I googled "best gluten free cookie." The first hit was this lovely oat-based chocolate chip cherry cookie from Making Thyme for Health. I realize chocolate and cherry is not wildly unusual but the combination of maple syrup and oats felt more breakfast than dessert. That audible paid off.  These guys were really, really good. They have been a great snack for the tot and keep well.


Recipe from Making Thyme for Health

Tomorrow I'll share the other sweet recipes from the Spring salon. Think thyme, lemon, caraway, and rosemary. And bay leaves in baking...my goodness.