4xForth: Bryn McCoy of Citizen Made by Natalie Pavela

4xForth-Chicago-Byrn-McCoy Each Friday we’re highlighting one of the lovely women in our community. Today we're talking to Forth alum Bryn McCoy, the CTO and Founder of Citizen Made, a platform that makes it easier for makers to sell custom products online and in-store. Today Bryn shares some of her most frequented spots in Chicago, her picks for the best bites in the city, her go-to websites, and places she dreams of traveling to some day!

Places I frequent in Chicago:

1.  Goddess & Grocer – best breakfast sandwiches in town (except for maybe West Town Bakery's egg sandwich on glazed donut!) + I love the fun new balcony upstairs. 2.  The Book Cellar – Lincoln Square is a favorite hangout, The Book Cellar is packed full of goodies when I want to hide out in one of their corner chairs and read for a few.  Plus, Cafe Selmarie is right across the street. 3.  Winnemac Park – This park has preserved the region's native meadows + it has the loveliest willows throughout. 4.  Rotofugi – Collectible vinyl toys from the best of the best + an art gallery to boot.  My kids and I love to hang out here.
Best Bites in Chicago:

1.  Tanoshii – I like it raw. 2.  Arami – even my kids love sushi. 3.  West Town Bakery – hot sauce from the local coop, cake balls and, of course, the glazed donut egg sandwich. 4.  The Publican – most minimal, graceful ceviche I've ever had.

Sites I Lurve:

1. - This may be my last year in Chicago for a while, only because I miss real waves.  There are few things that make me feel more connected in this world. 2. - Edgy, earthy, stark… I really love this brand. 3. - Olafur Eliasson may be my favorite artist–the way he transforms time and space is profound. 4. - The conversations herein stretch my mind so far, it hurts.  So good.

Places I’ll go someday:

1.  French Polynesia – to surf. 2.  Harajuku, Japan – to shop. 3.  Biarritz, France – royal surfing. 4.  Florianopolis, Brazil – more surf, but also to dance like there's no tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing, Bryn! I've heard great things about West Town Deli - adding that to my list of places to try now. And take us surfing with on your next surfing trip, please! You can find her on facebookinstagram and twitter.