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Forth Cocktail by Julie Schumacher

Olivia Suchman Joffrey. This woman. I mean, c'mon. She designs and makes kick ass wedding invitations at Vigilante Paper (her Rebel Bride Guide is phenomenal, and free( and explores an unconventional life on her blog Vigilante Living. When she sent us an email the week after the Spring '13 Forth, she talked about the magic of Forth as a well-made cocktail and said she had an illo in mind. Oh boy did she.

If you've been curious about just what happens at a salon, this might help explain it. And to Olivia, we say "Chin chin, rad lady." Forth Cocktail_Vigilante Paper


With our Spring '14 salon nary a week away, we're excited to shake & stir with a new batch of wonderful women. Curious about the meringues? Here's a recipe.