Tostones with avocado crème fraîche, smoked salmon and basil / by Clare Johnson

Sunday is the big game. Yes, we are a community of creative women but that doesn't mean we aren't football fans.

Why not up your Super Bowl hosting with an elevated appetizer. Yea, you can serve chips and salsa (we'd eat that). But you could also make these awesome tostones and be a big winner in the hostess department.

Tostones have appeared as a welcome dish at our salons. For our fall salon at Antique Taco, Founder Kelly Allison created bite-sized, twice fried tostones topped with avocado crème fraîche, smoked salmon and julienne basil. 

This dish requires a bit of patience during execution but it's well worth it. You'll need: green plantains (must be green to ensure they're not too soft), avocado, lime, crème fraîche, smoked salmon (if desired) and basil. 

Creating the tostones:

Peel and cut the plantains in round slices - roughly 1.5" thick. Place the plantains in a frying pan with hot oil and fry on both sides until golden brown. Once brown, remove them from the pan and sandwich them between two paper towels and gently smash them to create a nice, flat surface. Now, fry them again. Yep, one more time! After the second fry, remove the tostones, pat them dry and add a dash of sea salt. 

Now for the toppings. Mix ripe avocados, lime, salt, pepper and a bit of crème fraîche together in a bowl. Be sure to maintain some small chunks of avocado for texture.

Gently spoon the avocado mash on each tostone and add smoked salon (or leave it plain) and a dash of julienne basil. 

Place the tostones on a flat, decorative dish for a great party appetizer and enjoy!