Your Week in Awesome XXI / by Julie Schumacher

Photo by Heritage Littles 


Is 2016 the year you are going to really, truly, finally dump the day job? Look to the Quit Kit for guidance, inspiration and can-do-it-ness to get it done.

This Friday: You, your little, Heritage Littles and SANTA!

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Polymathic is looking for UX/IXD designers, UI designers and full stack software engineers. Why aren't YOU applying?

Chicago's first marijuana dispensary features some fab Linsey Rosen installation work. 

Looking to better your blogging? Join Keidra Chaney's class at Story Studio in January.

Holiday gifts got silly simple. Our girl Paige has your India Hooks hook up.

Snag a Rare Bird Preserves two pack, you lucky duck.


Sara of Greater Good Studio talks human-centered design with Tony Martignetti. 

Till School is out to change design education. See how.

Oh, mercy. The Fourneau Oven Bread Blog is a rabbit hole of yum.

Patrice of Creative Genius Law (and the Quit Kit!) brings her top 6 resources for overcoming fear and doubt as an entrepreneur. She's a dynamo, so pay attention!

As we bid bye bye to 2015 we're also wrapping up our time with Clare Johnson and Katie Kenney, interns who have rocked our socks and made us smile for a whole year. Pay attention Chicago. Watch out world. These two are going to make a splash! Clare & Katie - we are forever grateful to you and excited to see what you do next!