Week in Awesome 1.2.17 / by Julie Schumacher

New Year Intentions from Our Members. Get Inspired!


This Week
January 1: HBFC + Piece. The best thing happening in 2017 happens starting day one.

January 8: Self-Care Sunday with Black Girls in Om

January 9: Typeforce 8 submissions due.


January 10: Cowork with Deskpass at Assemble Office West Loop!

January 15: Beginner calligraphy workshop with Vichcraft.

January 16: Learn more about your (or your partner’s) g-spot at Early to Bed.

January 19: Pre-March Prep Rally at Greenhouse Loft. Sign making, solidarity and snacks.

January 21: March in Chicago. Or in DC. Anywhere. Just get out there and get loud.

January 31: Cowork with Deskpass and STA at Grind.

February 1: Drink & Draw: Comfort Foods at Spudnik Press. 


Being resolute instead of making resolutions from Julie Schumacher.

Restaurants near, but not in, the Loop worth your time from Alia Dalal.

Get empowered in ’17 with Disrupt Radio from Molly Rudberg. 

Yana says what we all felt about 2016.  

Check out Ivory & Ash, the new lifestyle brand affirming and celebrating contemporary women of color.

10 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Social Videos in 2017 from Mana at Lightspan Digital.

Glossier skin care essentials over on Black Girl in Om.

Simplicity and the seduction of surf from Nicole Vasquez.