Week in Awesome 1.9.2017 / by Julie Schumacher

This Week
January 10: Cowork with Deskpass at Assemble Office West Loop!

January 10: #BGIOMindful Twitter chat on energy work.

January 15: Beginner calligraphy workshop with Vichcraft.

January 16: Learn more about your (or your partner’s) g-spot at Early to Bed.

January 18: Winter Solstice Celebration: Malas & Meditation with Flourish.

January 19: Sara Aye of Greater Good Studio talks human-centered design thinking at the meeting of the Cook County Commission on Social Innovation

January 19: Pre-March Prep Rally at Greenhouse Loft. Sign making, solidarity and snacks.

January 21: March in Chicago. Or in DC. Anywhere. Just get out there and get loud.

January 24: Self Care as Warfare with Homeroom's School Night co-host Keidra Chaney features artists, professionals, and activists talking de-escalation tactics, media literacy, mental health with specific strategies for self-preservation in post-inauguration uncertainty.

January 25: Finances and Taxes for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses at The Shift.

January 31: Cowork with Deskpass and STA at Grind.

February 1: Drink & Draw: Comfort Foods at Spudnik Press.

February 12: Black Girl in Om Self Care Sunday. January sold out fast so here's your nudge to get on it.


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