Your Week in Awesome XXV / by Julie Schumacher


You made a hop garland this weekend, right? No? Get on it. Kelly from Nimblewell shares her DIY.

Typeforce, co-curated by the super rad Dawn Hancock, submissions are due Friday. Get on that, too.

Head to Detroit. Heck yea. Why? To see Deep Design: Pace, Place, and Personhood which focuses on projects from "designers, architects, artists, and urbanists who are working in ways that reflect strong and enduring commitments to people and places" including our fave Jamie Hayes.

Honey Butter now delivers. Ahhh!

Our friends at Polymathic are hosting the next Chicago Black Tech Professionals Meetup on Wednesday. And, they're hiring!

We were going to tell you to grab tix to Baker Miller's just-opened class. But it sold out fast. Follow them on Instagram to find out fun news first.


Production Mode fashion designer and co-owner of Department of Curiosities Jamie Hayes talks Slow Fashion with Crain's.

Mana of Lightspan Digital talks social customer care with purpose on this new podcast episode.

If your New Year's workout resolutions are already on the wane, Po Campo has fun new activities to try.

Aimee of Pretty Sweaty can tell you what to wear to those classes with her best-of list for 2015 and favorite winter workout wear.