WEEK IN AWESOME XLI / by Julie Schumacher

It's finally May! Which means our panel talk on Wellness and Self Care is right around the corner. Join us on May 19!

This Week
May 3: First Tuesday Happy Hour with Green Restaurant Coalition at Forbidden Root, 5-7 pm.

May 6: Writer's Happy Hour at Workshop. Say hi to Forth co-founder Julie!

May 7: Make Something For Your Mom scarf workshop with Argaman & Defiance.

May 7: Workshop Open House and ice cream social from 4-7.

May 7: Hit the Mother's Day Market at River Forest Kitchen.

May 8: Modern Cooperative pop up featuring Argaman & Defiance and more!

May 8: Mini Mama Dose Market in the Gold Coast.

May 13: Preregister now to get a portfolio critique from Janice Bond and others at Lake FX.

May 14: Seedling Sale with Slow Food Chicago

May 15: Dose Market at Lake FX featuring Production Mode.

May 15: Intermediate calligraphy workshop with Jenna Blazevich of Vichcraft. 


Cortney Ahern and Lauren Ash, panelists at our upcoming Wellness and Self Care panel share their perspectives on the blog.

Last week we gathered with Patrice of Creative Genius Law to talk legal shop. Here's what she has to say about contracts. Creatives, pay attention!

Super easy DIY Mother's Day (or any day for self care!) spa recipes

Pedal Love talks bikes with Maria Boustead of Po Campo.

How Fourneau used Blurb to print their how to and recipe books.

Goop named Larkspur one of its top florists!

Work at Levinson Locations.

Work at Firebelly.