Week in Awesome XLXXXIV / by Julie Schumacher


Email to book a private cassoulet dinner with Sunday Dinner Club. It will be the best decision you ever make.

December 31: Usher in the New Year with Party Noire.

January 1: HBFC + Piece. The best thing happening in 2017 happens starting day one.

January 9: Typeforce 8 submissions due.

January 15: Beginner calligraphy workshop with Vichcraft.



Our very own Taylor Bryant shares on the Privilege of Shock.

With/Another has a great interview up with Forth cofounder Kelly Connolly.

A gifsticle. A GIFSTICLE. A gifsticle celebrating some good things in 2016. No wonder we're excited to have Amelia intern with us next year!

29 Things I Know For Sure - these life lessons from Lauren Ash are where its at.

Pitch Design Union's launched a shop. Featuring this amazing wrapping paper. Eep!

We've been eagerly following Claire's Warwick Reno. Now revealing the living room.

Teen Vogue's been killing it on political pieces. They are also v. smart and included Po Campo in their gift guide.

Le Papier Studio in the Cool Mom Picks gift guide.

Why you need Google Analytics Fastbase, from Lightspan Digital.

Chicago's best quiet holiday hangouts including Chandra Ram's pick.