Week in Awesome XXXVI / by Julie Schumacher

Sunday is our Instagram for Creative Entrepreneurs workshop. There are just a few tickets left!

We welcomed a slew of incredible new women to the Forth community after our Spring Salon at Soho House. You'll begin to see what they are up to in the Week In Awesome. Hooray!


This Week

Interested in bringing the Feminist Literary Society to your city? Let 'em know.

Connect with the Chicago Black Girl In Om community at April Self-Care Sunday.

CatalystCon, created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality, is in Chicago Friday-Sunday.


April 6: DIY Bitters class with FIG Drinks at Greenhouse Loft!

EPIC is recruiting creatives for their Spring Rally. Join with a team to do great work for a non-profit.


Learn more about Vichcraft's "Angel in the House" Typeforce installation.

Vana of Le Papier Studio on rebuilding a creative community after a move.

Talking pricing with Poolhouse Creative.

What would you put in the Ark of Taste?

10 pieces of business advice from Honey Butter Fried Chicken.

Chandra Ram reviews The City of Gold

Self care for the creative entrepreneur from Creative Genius Law.

Three things businesses should focus on right now in digital marketing with Mana Ionescu.

The Founding Mom's tips for moms in business.