WEEK IN AWESOME XXXVII / by Julie Schumacher


This Week
Go immediately to find some Rare Bird Preserves + Häagen-Dazs Vanilla with Tangerine Curd and Shortbread Cookie.

April 5: In/Organic, a one-night event pairing the talents of eight artists and eight florists in dialogue at Greenhouse Loft and featuring our gal Jessica Jacobs.

April 5: First Tuesday gathering for the Green Restaurant Coalition at Revolution.

April 6: Sichuan Buffalo Fried Chicken Jerk Pizza at Piece. No joke.

April 6: DIY Bitters class with FIG Drinks at Greenhouse Loft

April 9-12: LEAP II: The Value of Design featuring Sara Aye of Greater Good Studio.

April 9: CSA in song and dance at the Hideout.

April 10: Wine tasting at Stellar Wine Company in support of the Lutheran Choir of Chicago.

April 16: 
First preSERVE Garden Volunteer Day with Slow Food Chicago

April 22: Apple Pie Class with Baker Miller. This will totes sell out. Like, super fast.

April 26-28: Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago with speakers including Mana of Lightspan Digital

April 29: Creative Mornings with Dawn Hancock of Firebelly. She's talking "Risk." We're talking GO.


One of our favorite spots in the city, nope the world, is getting awesome. Congrats to Workshop on the expansion news!

Vocalo has a great interview on not running and owning accomplishments with artist and cultural curator Janice Bond.

Po Campo has its first new handlebar bag design in a bit and geometric bike prints.

Are you Levinson Location's next Director of Possibilities?

Bitch Media talk space for women of color in yoga with Lauren Ask of Black Girls in Om.

Heck yea Honey Butter! Why HBFC supports parental and paid sick leave.

Fans of the Pomodoro Technique: Margot of Pitch Design Union has a hip hop/electronica and a power ladies playlist for ya.

Engaging Events by Ali has last minute tips for couples planning a spring wedding on Martha Stewart.