What we're loving today: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2015 / by Katie Kenney

You may remember when we talked about the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest last summer and we're happy to report, it's back for round 6! This Fest is spot-on with what Forth is all about - bringing like-minded, yet diversely talented people together to create a tangible energy and worthwhile connections.

Though not in Chicago, we must say the list of speakers they have lined-up looks like it would be more than worth the road trip (or 1 hour flight) to Cleveland, OH for the weekend.

A handful of Forth alum have attended or been involved with the event including Veronica Corzo-Duchardt and Jessica Jacobs. The fest claims to be "3 days that will change your life" so we asked one of our trusted Forth members, Jessica Jacobs, what she thought of her experience at WMC:

"What impressed me most about the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest was the diversity of speakers and attendees...the atmosphere was incredibly enlightening and supportive. It was a great place to meet like-minded designers, artists and musicians in a friendly, fun atmosphere."

Photo Credit - Becky Rother
Photo Credit - Becky Rother

Photo by Becky Rother

If you're still not sold (or can't make it that weekend), check out  some of the talks from previous years on YouTube - this is one of our personal favorites ;).

The Weapons of Mass Creation event is Aug. 7-9th at Allen Theatre in Cleveland, OH. If you're free that weekend, consider making the trip - and use code LNR for a discount on tickets!