Where the inspiration started / by Lisa Guillot

Brainstorming I may be one of the most organized graphic designers on the planet. It scares me and my fellow designer types sometimes. When I approached Kelly and Julie about starting "something" in January 2013, I had print outs of New York Times articles, photocopied notes and hand-drawn sketches in individual folders. Julie took the folder wide-eyed and said, "This sounds great." I don't know if the wide-eyes were in fright or in awe. I don't even think Kelly opened the folder before she said, "I don't care what it is, I am in!" And that's how Forth came to life.

Let me jump back to the initial inspiration. I religiously read the New York Times Style Section every Sunday and keep the articles that resonate with me. May 25, 2012 there was an article called "Yes, Even Fashionistas Have to Eat" about duo of 30-something Brits behind Silkstone NYC, who started a home-made lunch delivery service out of their tiny NY apartment. Soon they were delivering 60 bagged lunches a day to fashion shoots, fashion studios, and eventually all over Fashion Week 2009. Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Alexander Wang, just to name a few.

The Fat Radish

Their big break came from a 40th birthday party they styled, catered and threw for Jos White, a high-tech entrepreneur. The $15K net was enough for a deposit on what became their first restaurant, The Fat Radish, which is styled to the nines--I mean gorgeous, comfortable, approachable, farmer friendly. I would live there in a heartbeat. How the hell did they style that? And Lead Belly....their SECOND restaurant in as many years, also gorgeous!

Lead Belly

Fast-forward to November 2012. Kate Dougherty, a set designer, stylist and all around cool chick has a feature in the New York Times T magazine. In addition to being one of the set decorators for Moonrise Kingdom, she helped create the decor for The Fat Radish. WAIT! LIGHT BULBS are going off!

Kate Dougherty-stylist

I went back to the Fashionista article and clicked through the images. Not only is Kate Dougherty in the photos, she's dating the chef. And who is dating the marketing wing of the Silkstone duo? Hemingway's granddaughter, fashion model, Dree Hemingway. THAT'S THE FASHION CONNECTION.

Dare I say that the lady friends of Silkstone had as much to do with the success as the Brits?

I thought: We need to create situations where talented people come together in an intimate, stylish way and see what happens. The success of creative collaborations come alive with talented people interacting, having fun and taking risks. Let'd do it in Chicago. Let's bring talented, creative women together and chat, learn, listen. And Forth was born.

Where is it going to take us? I don't know. What are we doing? Not sure, but why not try? I want to be surrounded by creative inspiring people and see what happens. Who better to do that with than a fantastically spirited photographer and writer who doesn't rhyme and uses the word gobsmacked really well?

Cheers, Lisa

credits: The Fat Radish and The Lead Belly website and instagram feed, Kate's picture from T Magazine.