Your Week in Awesome IV / by Julie Schumacher

Need some inspiration? Something to do?We got ya.


Grab a ticket to the incredible Element Collective Dinner on August 7, a portion of the ticket sales benefits Slow Food Chicago.

Top Chicago eateries (and a slew of Forth participants) will be at Shine & Dine on August 13, which raises nearly 40% of the funds Step Up needs for a year.

Getting married? Know someone who is? A re:find Joy deconstructed bouquet is a wonderful way to remember the day.


Lisa shared a great piece on Instagram pulling a picture she posted and the many reactions she felt before recognizing what she truly felt. Can you relate? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

We got some insider info from Erin Huizenga and Molly Cantrell-Kraig, who both do more good and more cool things in a week than seems possible.

If your curious about the Chicago wedding community, Nimble Well's series Labor of Love is an incredible resource.

The two people an entrepreneur should hire first.

Master plan changing? Get unstuck with Creative Genius Law and Fresh Prince gifs!

Entrepreneur + wedding singer = Jill Salzman of the Founding Moms

Entrepreneur + mom = Jill Salzman on the Founding Moms


See you next week!