2015 Summer

What we're loving today: Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2015 by Katie Kenney

You may remember when we talked about the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest last summer and we're happy to report, it's back for round 6! This Fest is spot-on with what Forth is all about - bringing like-minded, yet diversely talented people together to create a tangible energy and worthwhile connections.

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Summer Jams: Tarts and GF/Vegan Cookies with Rare Bird Preserves by Julie Schumacher

Confession time: I'm in love with Rare Bird Preserves. In the last few months, I've been working with Elizabeth Madden, the founder, on some writing projects. I was already enamored with the flavors but hearing Elizabeth talk about jam making made me want to take one of her seasonal jams and highlight it in our Summer menu.

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Hummingbird cake & GF/DF hummingbird bread by Julie Schumacher

I love food that has a story and tells part of our story, don't you?

Ages ago in my past, past life...not just when I was a teacher but when I was a teacher living in LA, I first met the magic that is a hummingbird cake. I was invited to a pot luck baby shower for a colleague. I was one of the younger teachers so appearing a grown up mattered deeply to me and I was nervous about what to bring. My meals consisted of frozen burritos so but a grad school graduation gift of Martha Stewart Living meant I stumbled upon a hummingbird cake. It was the dried pineapple flowers that caught my eye and the cream cheese frosting that won my heart.

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