Season 3, Episode 2: Collaboration Over Competition / by Amelia Hruby

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Lydia Crespo is the founder and artist behind Argaman+Defiance, a source for handmade tops, scarves, and other apparel dyed with natural dye extracts.

Kristin Oldach is the founder and artist behind KraeO, a knitwear design and winter accessories company in Chicago.

In this episode, they come together to discuss how they came to collaborate even when there is often fierce competition between makers who produce similar products. They also chat about tips for successful collaborations and how working together has transformed their businesses and opened new income streams.

Episode Highlights:
Introductions [1:45]
How Lydia + Kristin met [3:00]
On sharing + giving it away for free [7:00]
"I felt like we were doing something wrong" [11:15]
"Craft" as a dirty word + being embarrassed about your work [13:45]
How to deal with jealousy toward other entrepreneurs [17:45]
The sticky question: "What does she have that I don't have?" [22:00]
What they go to each other for in their collaboration [25:00]
Cultivating community for "solopreneurs" [29:00]

Show Notes:
Lydia mentioned Adam Savage and the Still Untitled podcast.

More from Lydia / Argaman+Defiance:  Website | Instagram
More from Kristin / KraeO Handmade: Website | Instagram | Etsy

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