Season 3, Episode 3: Radical Transparency + Community / by Amanda Glandon

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Betsy Mikel is the content strategist and copywriter behind Aveck, a content studio; Julie Schumacher runs Well Turned Words, a words and ideas studio; and Gretchen Kalwinski is a writer and creative strategist. Together, they form (for now, unofficially) The Copy Coven.

In this episode, these wordsmith women talk about the ways in which this unique collaborative relationship has strengthened their businesses and ignited their confidence in their own talents and business acumen. They discuss transparency (not just the fun, easy kind) and the many hats that they wear -- business coach, friend, co-worker, and more -- in their collaboration with one another.

Episode Highlights:
Introductions [1:10]
The advice from Julie that Betsy remembers to this day [3:13]
What really happens in their Slack channel [7:42]
"I needed to believe that there was a different way to be in business." [13:05]
On combatting the sometimes negative connotations around the word "freelancer" [16:29]
Jennifer Armbrust's 100 Ways to Make More Money [18:24]
On providing structure and processes around their relationship [19:45]
On being radically transparent when stuff gets rough [23:11]
On being named "The Copy Coven" [25:28]
"Hold my LaCroix." [26:21]

Show Notes:
This episode is essentially a big (unintentional!) Slack love fest.
Betsy + Gretchen mentioned Jennifer Armbrust's 100 Ways to Make Money.
Gretchen also mentioned Jennifer Armbrust's Feminist Business School.

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