Season 3, Episode 4 [LIVE!]: Finances, Pricing + Transparency / by Amanda Glandon


L'Oreal Payton is the Director of Communications at OneGoal, a national college access and success organization. She is also a writer, crafting pieces for Hello Giggles, Ebony, and others, as well as her own blog, LT in the City. Elise Metzger is a designer and Founder of pop-up supper club Filigree Suppers as well as interior environments and experiential design firm Forward Fruit. Mallory Ulaszek and Kelsey Gilbert Kreiling are the Founders of Presence Agency, specializing in event and website production.

In this episode, recorded live from Ace Hotel Chicago, these women cover everything from raising your rates to keeping your books balanced to understanding the worth of your time and expertise. It's an incredibly candid conversation that you won't want to miss!

Note: there are a couple of sound issues on this one, since it was recorded live. Bear with us, it's worth it!

Episode Highlights:
Introductions [1:27]
Elise on what transparency looks like between she and her collaborators [7:22]
L'Oreal: "I want to do something that's fulfilling and meaningful with my career, but I don't want to go broke in the process." [17:16]
Elise on juggling varied rates for varied types of work [22:17]
Kelsey on how Presence Agency has developed and tested their event production rates [27:16]
L'Oreal on starting a "Brag Book" [32:12]
Mallory: "I feel very strongly about cash flow versus budget." [40:20]

Show Notes:
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More from Elise: Forward Fruit | Filigree Suppers | Instagram
More from Mallory + Kelsey: Website | Instagram

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