Season 3, Episode 1: Feminist Values + Season 3 Preview / by Amelia Hruby


To kick off this season, Amelia + Amanda sat down to discuss some changes to the podcast format and the conversations around feminist values that inspired these interviews. They also give a preview of the great guests and conversations to come in Season Three!

Episode Highlights:
Updates to the Go Forth format [0:30]
The Twitter conversation about equal pay that inspired this season [1:15]
Feminist values + entrepreneurship [2:30]
Season three episodes preview [10:00]

Show Notes:
Looks like Mary H.K. Choi was the author of that tweet Amelia mentioned. She authored a great tweet thread on why income transparency matters.
Amelia made a poster of the feminist values Amanda asked her about in this episode just for Go Forth listeners! You can download the pdf and learn more about Amelia's Feminist Creative Consciousness Raising series here.

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