One of the best things about Forth is the collective creativity and experience of our members.

In an effort to further all our businesses and passions, we’re looking to create a member-initiated ideation process. Have a big idea? A tough question? Let’s rally together to brainstorm.

Sounds awesome, right?

If you are interested in an ideation session, email us at with your big question or idea!



Here’s a guide to request an ideation session:

Ideation hosts will:
- Present a specific problem or idea they’d like to explore in a 60 minute daytime or 120 minute evening brainstorming session. It doesn’t need to be perfectly formed but you want it to be meaty enough to inspire.
- Pick a date you’re excited about! Consider offering two slots (evening/daytime for example) since some of our work lives are less flexible. Potentially have back up dates in mind.
- Decide how many Forthers (we’d recommend at least 5 but no more than 10) you think you need.
- Arrange a space. Your home, office, studio or other space is all great. It should be private enough that you can share together with a normal range of speaking voices.
- Plan to present the problem or idea to the group and have some follow up questions. We’ll provide some resources to help run an effective session.

- Providing snacks and drinks would help the creativity fly.
- Arrange for note taking or recording of the conversation. You shouldn’t be the main note taker.
- Don’t take things personally. An idea-generating and concept-testing conversation will include questions and challenges, all coming from a place of support and love.
- Follow up! Tell us and the participants how things are progressing.

Forth founders will:
- Set up a Facebook invite to the private Forth member page and send out a MailChimp. If not enough people are available, we’ll update the date/time.
- Attend when possible.
- Provide some (but not all) resources to help you plan for your session.

Attending members will:
-  RSVP and give notice as soon as they can if they cannot attend.
-  Arrive on time.
-  Commit to the topic and share your wisdom.
- Stay open minded. Think “Yes, and.” vs. “No.”
-  Respect the privacy of all that is shared. No publicly sharing, no stealing. Be nice.

We are super excited about this. Please note this shouldn’t be considered formal business or legal advice and that Forth can’t be held responsible for the future success or growth of the idea or solution to the problem. Please check facts, talk with lawyers and get professional opinions, too!