Forth Potluck dinners

In the ongoing mission to find ways for Forth member to commune, we’re trying out a new gathering format that’s tried and true—but new for us—The Potluck!

We’d love for this to be a monthly event, with a variety of members volunteering to host.

Sounds awesome, right?


If you are interested in hosting, email us with dates that work for you!


Potluck hosts will:
- Pick a date you’re excited about!
- Arrange a space. Your home, office, studio or other space with seating for at least 12 are all great or you can co-host with another Forther if they have the space!
- Provide plates, utensils, glasses, napkins (disposable is great!)
- Let us know the maximum amount of members you can host.
- Plan for a 2-2 1/2 hours event, with a half-hour window for arrivals/hellos, and two hours of eating, drinking, and conversing.

Forth founders will:
- Set up a Facebook invite to the private Forth member page. We’ll ask guests to RSVP and say whether they’ll be bringing a beverage or sweet or savory dish.
- Attend when it’s possible, but the host will be the prime discussion facilitator. 

- Assist with a topic of discussion and some potential questions. Members said focused conversations are of the most interest so if you have something you’re thinking about or need help, we’re here!

Attending members will:
-  RSVP and give notice as soon as they can if they cannot attend. 
-  Arrive on time (within a half-hour window).
-  Bringing a beverage and/or dish to share including the utensils, trivet, etc. needed to serve it.
-  Commit to the discussion topic and share the conversation.
-  Help with the clean-up.
-  Share on social! We love seeing what you're up to. Tag us and use #ForthChicago.