International Women's day

Coverage of our Co(not)working Day of Solidarity from CBS2 and ABC7.

Chicago TriBUNE: Superhosts

Grab a print edition for the full-page spread on Forth's founder's superhosts tips. Or, read the online version.

FW: Go forth & Network

We shared a bit about living and working as entrepreneurs with FW: Chicago, a lifestyle magazine dedicated to Chicago's women.

Be Like Peter: Julie Schumacher

Julie talked with Be Like Peter, an entrepreneurial-minded sharing founded stories and artist talents.

ChicagoInno: Fostering a Creative Community for Women and Ideas

We had a blast chatting with ChicagoInno about our origin story and the analog magic of Forth.

PureWow: Meeting of the Minds

We shared our top tips for hosting your own salon.

Seriously Badass Women

The Three Forths say it was seriously an honor to be featured!

ALT SUMMIT WINTER '15: Intentional events

Co-founder Julie Schumacher headed to Alt Summit in Salt Lake to host a roundtable on “How to Put Together a Local Event, Workshop or Party.” Read her recap here.

CreativeMorninGs: Julie schumacher

Co-founder Julie Schumacher’s talk focused on transferable skills we bring from one career to the next.

SPITFIREMOM features kelly allison

Co-founder Kelly Allison shares balancing a photography business with parenthood.

SpitfireMom features lisa guillot

Co-founder Lisa Guillot talks the juggle and hustle of motherhood and business building.

Mini Mighty Monday

We talked about what it took to build Forth and why it works with Tiny Bold Creative.


Co-founder Julie Schumacher was a guest on the “most entertaining business podcast IN THE WORLD.”